Хидрауличен цилиндарIn the area of industrial hydraulics, Tehnomatik focuses mainly on:

– Production and service of hydraulic cylinders (double acting, plunger, telescopic)

– Sale of spare parts, hard chromium plated bars, hydraulic cylinder tubes, high pressure hydraulic tubing, hoses, hydraulic seals, wipers, o-rings, etc..

– Sale of all types of hydraulic pumps. Providing repair service and reparation

– Design and production of hydraulic aggregates, power packs.

– Production of hydraulic presses, lifts and platforms.

– Import of hydraulic components from different international companies,

Our production facilities are equipped with metalworking machinery , as well as stationary hydraulic test bench.


Hydraulic accumulator refills
hidraulicni akumulatori

Refiling of hydraulic accumulators and nitrogen bottles for:

– Hydraulic hammers (breakers) “MONTABERT”,”KRUPP”,”JCB”,”TKNX”,”Atlas Copco”,”CAT”,”INDECO” and many more…

– Concrete pumps “SCHWING”,”PUTZMEISTER”,”CIFA”,”REICH”,”DRUETTA” and many more..

– All types of hydraulic machines



Honed tubes

Sale of honed tubes for use in hydraulic cylinders

Specifications: Ø25 mm to Ø220 mm. Wall thickness 5mm – 40mm. Standard length 6-9m.  Materials St 52.3 (Seamless) BK+S. Tolerances ISO H 8 Surface Raughness: 0,4 micron – 0,8 micron

By special requests: Up to Ø400 mm, and 14m in length.  Inner surfaces of the tubes are oiled for to prevent oxidation six months.

All metric and imperial sizes available

Hard chrome plated rods

Sale of hard chrome plated rods for use in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Specifications: Ø8mm to Ø125mm (3 / 8 “to 5″), 6,5m in length, material SAE 1045 (Ck45), tolerance ISO F7.

By special requests: Ø130mm to Ø200mm (5 ” to 7″), up to 14m in length. Available materials: 20 Mn V6 – 42 Cr Mo4 – St52 – X 46 Cr 13. Available tolerances ISO F8 – f6 – H6 – H7 (or by special request)

All metric and imperial sizes available

Induction hardened rodsводилки

Sale of induction hardened rods for use in heavy machinery, hydraulic cylinders or as linear shaft bars.

Specification: Ø8mm to Ø120mm (3/8″ до 4 3/4″), 6,5m in length, material SAE 1045 (Ck45), tolerance ISO F7.

By special requests: Up to 14m in length. Available materials: 42 Cr Mo4 – X 46 Cr13 – Cf 53 – Cf 60.  Available tolerances ISO F8 – f6-H6-H7 (or by special request)

All metric and imperial sizes available